WG: how to change resource name programmatically

Joseph Marques jmarques at redhat.com
Tue Jun 22 18:20:23 UTC 2010

On 06/22/2010 11:29 AM, SALEWSKI, Steffen wrote:
> Hi All,
> @Joseph:
> Thank you very much for the instructions how to add a manual resource 
> to RHQ. This helped me a lot!
> @All:
> Now, I also have the problem to rename my added resource. I found out 
> that there is the possibility to change properties (e.g. the name of a 
> resource) by calling the equivalent setter method:
> var res = ResourceManager.getResource(subject, 10001)
> res.setName("My Resource Name")
> The question now is: How to commit this property change via CLI, so it 
> is updated on the server?
> I could not find an update method or something equal in the CLI API. 
> Btw, another question: Where to find the most recent API description 
> for the CLI interface? The one I currently use is: 
> http://www.redhat.com/docs/en-US/JBoss_ON/2.3/api/remote-api/index.html But 
> there the DiscoveryBoss is completely undescribed. Is there some?
Unfortunately, there is no way to commit these changes yet.  This was a 
Remote API oversight on our part.  I'll try to get this into the next 

In the future, however, instead of renaming resources, maybe all you 
have to do is tag them appropriately.  Please look at the current design 
doc for tagging, and let us know if you think it would suit your future 
needs -- http://www.rhq-project.org/display/RHQ/Design+-+Tagging

In the meantime, you might want to look at using group definitions to 
help identify and aggregate resources of interest into named, dynamic 
groups -- 


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