Is it possible to manually add a resource via CLI?

Joseph Marques jmarques at
Sun Jun 20 17:49:09 UTC 2010

Any database instances should be automatically discovered via a process 
scan.  All you need to do it search for resources in the NEW state:

rhqadmin at localhost:7080$var  criteria =new  ResourceCriteria()

rhqadmin at localhost:7080$ criteria.addFilterInventoryStatus(InventoryStatus.NEW)

rhqadmin at localhost:7080$var  resources = ResourceManager.findResourcesByCriteria(criteria)

And then import them:

rhqadmin at localhost:7080$DiscoveryBoss.importResources(<resourceIds>)

The method that you used below worked in this case because it is legal 
to manually add resources that would already be sitting in the 
auto-discovery queue.  After importing these resources, you'll likely 
have to set the connection password.  You can do this with:

rhqadmin at localhost:7080$var  connectionProperties = ConfigurationManager.getPluginConfiguration(<resourceId>)

rhqadmin at localhost:7080$ // iterate the properties, setting them as necessary

rhqadmin at localhost:7080$ConfigurationManager.updatePluginConfiguration(<resourceId>, connectionProperties)


If, however, some of your PG servers are not automatically discovery by 
the Agent on that box, then you can try to manually add them yourself 
via the CLI:

rhqadmin at localhost:7080$var  parentId = // find resource id of the platform under which your PG server is running

rhqadmin at localhost:7080$var  typeId = // find type id of PG Server via ResourceTypeManager.findResourceTypesByCriteria

rhqadmin at localhost:7080$var  params = // build Configuration object representing connection properties (PGData dir, pwd)

rhqadmin at localhost:7080$var  newPostgresResource = DiscoveryBoss.manuallyAddResource(typeId, parentId, params)

This is the programmatic equivalent to what you did below in the user 


On 06/20/2010 11:29 AM, Alexey Kamenchuk wrote:
> Hi All
> As far as i understand, my PostgreSQL servers are not automatically 
> discovered due to inability log in using default password "postgres". 
> I managed to add PG manually using the "Manually Add" function on a 
> platform's Inventory tab and specifying PGDATA directory and psw on 
> there. This is fine and acceptable if I need to add couple of DB 
> servers. But I have nearly a hundred of them and really need a way of 
> doing this in a bulk operation.
> So I wondered if CLI can help me with this?
> Regards
> Alexey
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