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Mario Ceresa mrceresa at gmail.com
Wed May 22 11:15:33 UTC 2013

Dear all,
I had an interesting talk with Seg3D mantainers on the possibility to
accept patches to build against system version of the many bundled libs.
However, as you can see from the forwarded mails, they seem not willing to
help with that nor to accept any related patches. I'm not sure what to do
here: shall I package it regardless? I fear I'll end up mantaining a fork
of the program...

What would you suggest here?

Thanks and regards,


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From: Ayla Khan <ayla at sci.utah.edu>
Date: 22 May 2013 07:09
Subject: [Seg3D] Re: Re: Re: Re: Packaging seg3d for Fedora - Problem with
To: seg3d at sci.utah.edu

Hi Mario,

Many of the libraries we include with Seg3D have been modified, even if the
modifications are as basic as replacing their default builds with CMake and
doing some symbol mangling to make libraries play well with ITK. Our Boost
distribution includes a project from the Boost sandbox that will not be
available in a generic distribution. ITK has been customized as well.

Including specific versions of third-party libraries allows us to maintain
stable Seg3D builds across multiple platforms (Windows, Mac OSX and
different Linux distributions) with the least amount of effort for SCI
developers. We are also tightly coupled to Boost, ITK and Teem, so it is
preferable from our point of view to build against versions that we control.

Having a binary distribution for Fedora would be helpful - it's certainly
been a good thing for our Windows and OS X users, however keeping our
dependencies uniform across supported platforms has eliminated many of the
deployment headaches we used to have in the past.


On May 7, 2013, at 3:27 AM, Mario Ceresa wrote:

> Thanks Dan and Ayla for your prompt response! When do you plan to release
> As for the 3rd party libs, unfortunately, Fedora has a strict policy
> of not bundled and not static libs:
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging:No_Bundled_Libraries
> The only exceptions granted are usually for libraries that are heavily
> modified. Does any of the 3rd party libs in "external" meet this?
> Including seg3d in a distribution like Fedora it is usually a positive
> force: it means a large user base, continuous feedback, builds ready
> available for x86, arm and ppc archs, access to last releases of all
> libs, prompt bug reports and many submitted patches. It also relieves
> you part of the burden to assist users with bugs: package maintainers
> will usually catch them up early and report to you, sometimes along
> with a proposed fix. Thus you can concentrate more on working on your
> software instead of all the maintenance tasks.
> You can think about it as an investment :).
> However, it needs a bit of involvement by your side because I cannot
> maintain a complete fork of seg3d.
> In the end I don't think the process is so complicated: we just need
> to ensure we can choose at build time whether to link seg3d with the
> included static libs or against system wide ones. I can send a patch
> for this, if you are willing to review it. Then, if any
> bugs/regression arises, we will work towards a fix.
> I do hope that this would be the beginning of a long joint collaboration!
> With best regards,
> Mario
> On 7 May 2013 07:07, Ayla Khan <ayla at sci.utah.edu> wrote:
>> Hi Mario,
>> You should check out the 2.1.5 release branch (
https://code.sci.utah.edu/svn/seg3d2/branches/2.1.5), or wait until I merge
the updates from the 2.1.5 release candidate back to the trunk once the
release is done. We're currently targeting a modified Boost 1.53.0 library
(see the Modifications.txt file in the src/Externals/boost directory). Keep
in mind that Seg3D is designed to work with statically linked libraries
built from the third-party dependencies that we include with it's sources
and does not support the use of other versions. I would strongly recommend
using our libraries and then attempting to work with Fedora's Qt system
>> Ayla
>> On May 6, 2013, at 12:42 PM, Dan White wrote:
>>> Here is the fix for that error from our svn branch. Ayla can provide
more info, since it looks like there were multiple boost-upgrade-related
Seg3d2 source compiler fixes in addition to this one.
>>> On 5/6/2013 5:44 AM, Mario Ceresa wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> first of all, thank you for your work on seg3d: it's really a nice
>>>> software and helps a lot for image segmentation!
>>>> I would like to package it for fedora, however, I have several build
>>>> problems. Once is especially difficult for me to figure out and I'd
>>>> appreciate some help.
>>>> I have a:
>>>> * no matching function for call to
>>>> in Application/Filters/Actions/ActionAndFilter.cc:149. I past the full
>>>> compiler error:
>>>> * http://ur1.ca/dpo7o
>>>> You can find in github a fork of the code with some of the changes so
>>>> * https://github.com/mrceresa/seg3d2
>>>> They are almost only in the cmake build system to enable use of Fedora
>>>> system-wide libs such as:
>>>> * boost 1.50
>>>> * gdcm 2.0.18
>>>> * ITK 4.3.1
>>>> Which is required for packaging.
>>>> This was the cmake build line:
>>>> ccmake ../seg3d2 -DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS="-fpermissive"
>>>> Thanks for your attention and best regards,
>>>> Mario Ceresa
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