<options> under <eth>

Ondrej Lichtner olichtne at redhat.com
Wed May 22 13:50:43 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

while rewriting a team recipe to suit the new format I came across a
problem. The old files contain <options> tags under the <eth> tags.

For example the file recipes/team/netconfig-team_ab.xml contains the
<eth id="1" network="A">
        <option name="teamd_port_config">
                "prio": -10,
                "sticky": true

This was previously possible because our parser accepted the <options> tag
under any type of <interface> tag. However after the recent changes, to
use the type of the interface as the name of the tag, we have agreed
to only accept <params> and <addresses> tags for the <eth> tag. This is
because lnst currently doesn't do any other sort of configuration than
setting a network address, and params are used for machine matching.

The <options> tag is only used in the case the interface is a slave to a
team interface. The values that are being set are also directly related
to the team driver. For this reason I suggest moving these <options>
tags and placing them directly under the <slave> tag that binds the
<eth> interface to the <team> interface. The recipe would then look
something like this:

<eth id="1" network="A"/>
<team id="testiface">
        <slave id="1">
                <option name="teamd_port_config">
                        "prio": -10,
                        "sticky": true

This would of course require bigger changes than just accepting the
<options> tag under the <eth> tag just as before, but not by much. This
format, in my opinion, makes more sense.

The usability of this format depends on what kind of options can team
use here, and if this could be also used for other types of interfaces
that have slaves.

I would like to hear your oppinions on this.


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