lincity-ng-devel Digest, Vol 7, Issue 2

michael siddon hexdef101 at
Thu Nov 22 14:17:18 UTC 2012

this is the reason for the standard simulation files, so that the
simulation can be changed on the fly rather then having to have the coders
go in and do it.

as for some being 4.0 or 5.0 well OK maybe i went a little overboard, but
when coming up with ideas, its always best to use a shotgun instead of a

in fact some of these ideas would work better with a minimal simulation as
many of them are just there to bring in monies to the simulated city. all
they really need is an initial cost to build and revenue generated stat. a
few affect happiness, or like the schools/universities already there how
quickly your tech level improves. such minimal city improvements should
only require minimal coding to implement. traffic lights of course can
allow power lines to go over roads and maybe a bridge to allow them over
water. the trailer parks thing is just a pet peeve of mine as i made the
graphical change myself, but the stats remain the same so its moot

easier ones should be done for 3.0 harder ones could wait... of course, but
in the best case, the code should be written in just to make things easier
for when implementation actually occurs.
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