Thomas Woerner twoerner at
Fri Jun 12 21:22:31 UTC 2015


here is a new firewalld release:


This release contains several bug fixes, but also some enhancements.

The long standing issue with the dbus NoReply error in FirewallClient 
because of an issues in polkitd has been fixed finally.

Changelog for firewalld-0.3.14

   - print real zone names in error messages
   - iptables 1.4.21 does not accept limits of 1/day, minimum is 2/day now
   - rate limit fix for rich rules
   - fix readdition of removed permanent direct settings
   - adaption of the polkit domains to use PK_ACTION_DIRECT_INFO
   - fixed two minor Python3 issues in
   - fixed use of fallback configuration values
   - fixed use without firewalld.conf
   - firewalld main restructureization
   - IPv6_rpfilter now also available as a property on D-Bus in the 
config interface
   - fixed wait option use for ipXtables
   - added --concurrent support for ebtables
   - richLanguage: allow masquerading with destination
   - richLanguage: limit masquerading forward rule to new connections
   - ipXtables: No dns lookups in available_tables and _detect_wait_option
   - full ebtables support: start, stop, reload, panic mode, direct 
chains and rules
   - fix for reload with direct rules
   - fix or flaws found by
   - pid file handling fixes in case of pid file removal
   - fix for client issue in case of a dbus NoReply error
   - new services: dropbox-lansync, ptp
   - new icmptypes: timestamp-request, timestamp-reply
man pages:
   - firewalld.zones(5): fixed typos
   - firewalld.conf(5): Fixed wrong reference to 
firewalld.lockdown-whitelist page
   - new version using Qt4 fixing several issues with the Gtk version
spec file:
   - enabled Python3 support: new backends python-firewall and 
   - some cleanup
   - migrated to github
   - migrated to zanata
build environment:
   - no need for autoconf-2.69, 2.68 is sufficient

firewalld can be obtained from:


Please remember that the source code repo of firewalld has been migrated 
to github.

Thanks to all contributors, testers and bug reporters.


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