[PATCH] Adjust license checker to take into account new-style %license files

Michel Alexandre Salim michel at michel-slm.name
Tue Feb 3 09:36:31 UTC 2015

Dear Fedora Review developers,

When conducting a review I noticed that specs that use the new %license tag
to mark the license file get flagged as not having a license text by
fedora-review -- this is, as it turns out, because RPM's -d flag does not
display files tagged as licenses; one needs the exclusive -L flag to
display that.

This patch runs rpm twice, once with -d and once with -L, and collect the
candidate files from both runs. It also drops the redundant -l which both
-d and -L imply.

As tested with:

FPC proposal for using %license instead of %doc

RPM %license tag handling

Best regards,

Michel Alexandre Salim
Fedora Project Contributor (FAS: salimma, IRC: michel_slm)
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