Announcing dwgrep 0.1

Petr Machata pmachata at
Wed Dec 10 15:38:36 UTC 2014

I am happy to announce the first release of dwgrep, a tool for querying
Dwarf graphs.

Dwgrep is useful for looking up particular patterns in Dwarf files.
They might be nonsensical or sub-optimal constructs produced as a result
of a compiler bug, rare constructs, or some sort of relationship that
you are interested in.  E.g. it is fairly straghtforward to write a
few-liner to generate class inheritance information, to find underlying
type of typedefs, to find functions that pass structure parameters by
value, etc.

For more information, documentation and a tutorial, please visit:

Current release tarball is available here:

Dwgrep contains a C API, but it should be considered experimental.
Correspondingly there's no documentation.  This is only 0.1 after all.

There is no mailing list.  Please contact me directly at
pmachata@{redhat,gmail}.com, or file issues at github issue tracker:

Thank you,

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