[patch] readelf bitmap display fix

Roland McGrath roland at hack.frob.com
Thu Oct 11 21:59:18 UTC 2012

> sorry but the branch was FYI, not for merge.
> It had ChangeLog only in its commit message - not in the file - to prevent
> ChangeLog file conflicts.

Oops!  Sorry, I should have noticed that.
Next time I'll leave the final commits/merges to the author.

> I am not used to GIT with ChangeLog files.

Different people have different ways of dealing with it.  Myself, I modify
ChangeLog in the normal (final) way and include that in the commit from the
start.  With the gnulib git-merge-changelog tool, it's usually painless to
do rebases and merges and such.  For posting patches, I use the scripts
that implement 'git show-gnu' for me.  See
and Mark's blog posting to which it points.

> Please fix up master as you find appropriate yourself.



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