[PATCH] Fix check for strippable relocation section.

Mark Wielaard mjw at redhat.com
Wed Oct 10 15:44:42 UTC 2012

On Tue, 2012-09-18 at 20:23 +0100, Nick Alcock wrote:
> When deciding whether a section is strippable, ebl_section_strip_p()
> checks the section pointed to by the sh_info of relocation sections
> to see if the relocated section is strippable.
> Unfortunately a one-character typo leads to this check always being
> skipped.  (You can tell it's a typo because if the condition were
> correct, the next line would dereference a null pointer.)
> Signed-off-by: Nick Alcock <nick.alcock at oracle.com>

Things should have been setup so that you can push this yourself.
But I can also do it for you.



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