release soonish

Mark Wielaard mjw at
Fri Feb 24 10:14:04 UTC 2012

Hi Roland,

As you saw it all went perfectly, just a few comments in case
someone else does it next time (or just as documentation for

On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 10:34:11AM -0800, Roland McGrath wrote:
> Ok.  I think you can cut it unless Uli really wants to.
> If --enable-maintainer-mode, then make distcheck ought
> to automagically update config/

Make sure you update the version and copyright year.
Double check the email address put in, the Makefile
logic is a little too simplistic but changing it more intelligently
is more work than just checking the diff generated afterwards.

> It looks like we haven't made a top-level ChangeLog entry
> for updating the version in in the past.

I added them this time.

> Then commit and git tag -s elfutils-0.153 and push.

Then merge master into the portable and robustify branches one last time.
> Then make distcheck again for good measure, and then gpg -b the tar.bz2
> file and copy over tar.bz2{,.sig} to your pkgs-git checkout, update the
> patches and edit elfutils.spec there (be sure to include any Fedora
> bugzilla #s fixed there).

You update the patches by removing them and typing
make elfutils-portability.patch  elfutils-robustify.patch
Don't forget to update the Makefile elfutils.git ?= rule
if you have the local git checkout somewhere else.

And don't forget to strip out old patches that have been incorporated
in the new release. Forgot that myself at first. Causing some confusion.

> Hmm.  I'm not sure if everyone can upload to
> The documented way is "scp file...".
> But we now make a directory (i.e. 0.153/) and put things under that.
> I don't know if that scp will create the directory for you, maybe
> it will if you use "scp -r 0.153".

That worked fine.

> If not, I can create the directory (I have shell login access,
> not just scp).  But why don't you try it, and find me on freenode
> if it didn't work.

BTW. There is now a #elfutil channel on freenode.

> It should get the tar.bz2, tar.bz2.sig, and two *.patch files.
> Then there are the fedpkg steps, but I assume you know those.

fedpkg new-sources elfutils-0.153.tar.bz2
git commit -a -m "Update to 0.153"
fedpkg local [If you want to check things out locally first]
fedpkg build [To trigger a koji build]
(git checkout f<old>; git merge master; etc. as appropriate)
(Have to use fedpkg update on anything not rawhide to trigger bodhi)

Note, f17 didn't yet get the fixed binutils, it is still in
some update bodhi cycle, so the build there failed, will resubmit
when binutils in f17 gets through.

Afterwards I saw that with a newer autotools you will get warnings
in the portable for not using AC_LANG_SOURCE inside
AC_COMPILE_IFELSE. Fixed that on the branch.

Also rpmlint caused errors for the outdated COPYING file (which
contains a bad address). I updated it with a fresh one from gnulib.



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