New release of Copr

Miroslav Suchý msuchy at
Thu Oct 15 09:33:31 UTC 2015

It is my pleasure to announce new version of Copr.

What's new? Group projects!

When you log in. You can see in right column link "My Groups". There you can see list of your FAS groups and you can
activate them. In fact, you actually create alias for them. E.g. FAS group "gitmock" can be named "mock" in Copr.
You can click on Copr group in right column. That navigate you to url in format:

Where are listed all projects of this group. And you can create new group project there too.
Every member of that FAS group can administer it and build there. Due to the OpenID limitations, you have to
log-out/log-in to see your groups (or whenever you join new group in FAS).

Since copr-cli-1.45 (in updates-testing right now) you can submit package to group project like:
  copr-cli build @GROUP/PROJECT
  copr-cli build @mock/mock-dev

Creation of group project is not possible from command line right now due OpenID restriction and you have to use WebUI.
This may change in near future.

There is no API method in APIv1. But we provide APIv2
which has methods to manipulate with groups.

To create new group in FAS, just follow:

If you have some personal project and you want to change it to group project, then please let me know and we change it
Miroslav Suchy, RHCA
Red Hat, Senior Software Engineer, #brno, #devexp, #fedora-buildsys

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