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Miroslav Suchý msuchy at
Wed May 20 13:37:13 UTC 2015

Yesterday, we deployed a new version of Copr.

First we migrated to new Fedora Cloud instance, which give us more reliable infrastructure.
Previously we used 12 builders, but due problems with old OpenStack we were forced to lower it to 6 builders.
Today we are back to 12 builders and we are ready to increase the limit [1].
We are monitoring the new instance and we will very likely increase the number of builders to 20 soon. This should be
enough for some time.

Second change is reuse of VM. If builder finishes building of your package and there is in queue some other task from
you, then it is picked up and build on the same VM without re-provisioning of that VM. The logic is that you probably do
not want to do cracking of your own packages, so we can reuse that VM for yours packages. Packages are still build in
different chroot, but the same machine. Of course - if there is only packages of another users in the queue, then the
builder VM is terminated and clean one VM is spin up.

Last change is limitation of users. If you send dozens of task to Copr, then you are limited to just 4 parallel builds.
Other builders are used for other users next in queue.

Because we have more resources available. I recall that there we some use case where you requested more memory or disk.
However I could not find the details. If you have such use case, now is right time to contact me as I can increase the
limits if there is good reason.
Oh and I forgot that we have new storage for your repositories. Previously we had just 800 GB and we were reaching the
roof. On new location we have 4TB and it can be extended if needed.

And the conclusion? You should expect less delay. Not being blocked by other users.
And I can finally say, what I wanted to say for long time: Please use Copr more! You can even set up builds in Copr
after each commit in your project and Copr should handle that. Hopefully this will allow you to set up Continuous
Integration on your project, or make it even better.

[1] During testing of new cloud we tried to spawn enormous numbers of builders and it seems that number 200 is our hard
Miroslav Suchy, RHCA
Red Hat, Senior Software Engineer, #brno, #devexp, #fedora-buildsys

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