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Klára Šimíčková klara.simickova at gmail.com
Wed May 13 18:33:06 UTC 2015

I'm really glad you like it. Of course you can use it. The used font is
called Comfortaa [http://aajohan.deviantart.com/art/Comfortaa-font-105395949]
and it's under the SIL Open Font License. I've also attached the fixed
version of the .svg file. I've converted the font to the curves so it
should be fine now.

2015-05-13 16:58 GMT+02:00 Miroslav Suchy <msuchy at redhat.com>:

> Dne 11.5.2015 v 19:13 Klára Šimíčková napsal(a):
> > Thank you very much for your thoughts. I've changed the font and
> > simplified the dill seed and I think it matches the Fedora types much
> > better. So what do you think about this one?
> >
> This one is much better!
> Can we use it?
> Which font is used?
> Hmm when I open the SVG version in inkscape the image is little bit
> demaged. See attachment with screenshot.
> Mirek
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