Copr update

Valentin Gologuzov vgologuz at
Mon Jan 26 10:49:54 UTC 2015

Hi!, I've just updated copr.

Visible changes:
- We have started to sign RPMs, gpg pubkey is moved to the project 
results root dir (one level up from the chroot dirs)
- [#1139242] Added option to disable networking during a build
- [#1183702] Interrupted builds should be re added to queue automatically
- [#1169782] Show package "epoch:version-release" instead of
   just "version"
- [#1133650] Show urls to each chroot directory on build details
- [#1177179] Human friendly time presentation
- [#1117446] Added a file ``, into the build directory. This 
file would contain any usefull information about build, currently it has 
only `build_id`.

Best regards,
Gologuzov Valentin.

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