New version of Copr (includes dist-git)

Miroslav Suchy msuchy at
Tue Aug 11 14:18:32 UTC 2015

It is my pleasure to announce that we just upgraded

It includes several major improvements:

* UI converted to PatternFly [1]. Most visible change is that tables
(e.g. list of builds) can be sorted using any column and you can filter
visible rows using any value.

* dist-git support -- We store your SRPM in dist-git now. It is not
accessible directly using fedpkg (it is in plan later). Dist-git is
browsable via cgit [2]. This allows us to offer you upload of SRPM
directly from your workstation. Just navigate to:
  New Build -> Upload SRPM
or if you upgrade to python-copr-1.58-1 (submitted to updates just
today) then you can do:
  copr-cli build name/project ./some.src.rpm
While we assume that uploading SRPM will be most popular method, we
preserved option to pass SRPM url.
You can see new state of your build - "Importing". It is obviously the
moment when we import your SRPM into dist-git.

* In project properties (Edit tab) you can now add you email if you want
to be contacted by users in case of some problems with your project.

* We improved queue handling of various architectures. This should fix
those long waiting time of PPC64LE builds.


Mirek Suchý

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