Usability suggestions for Copr web interface

Martin Cigorraga martincigorraga at
Wed Apr 29 04:14:27 UTC 2015

Hello Miroslav, Kevin,

What type of free licences are we looking for, GPL? Affero GPL? MIT?
BSD? Apache? Any F/LOSS-compatible licence?
I've found three alternatives for you to examine:
Isso, hosted on with a last commit
about four months ago, markets itself as a free-as-in-freedom Disqus
alternative. Isso is licensed under MIT Licence.
HashOver: As Isso its author markets it as a
Disqus replacement as well with this strong but meaningful words: "Say
goodbye to Disqusting third-party...". HashOver is licensed under GNU
Affero GPL Licence.
Last but no least we have Vanilla:
This is without doubt the most mature product of the list albeit it
might be a little overkill for what we are looking for; also it's
worth noting this software was first conceived as a forum engine more
than a 'social' comment system so most of its super powers are aimed
to that end.
They offer both a cloud-hosted setup as well a ready-to-download
self-hosted version. While they claim this is OSS I couldn't find
anywhere under what licence it is granted for use.


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