Usability suggestions for Copr web interface

Martin Cigorraga martincigorraga at
Mon Apr 27 23:38:17 UTC 2015

Hi all,

First of all I want to say I'm really happy for having Copr, being an
Arch user for many, many years I got really used to the AUR (Arch User
Repository) so I can see Copr potential.

And speaking about that, I would like to make some suggestions to
improve the 'community' side of Copr as I believe from what I read the
technical side is already very well covered:
1. Copr needs a place where users and packager(s) can discuss stuff
about the packages and repositories, that could be achieved by simply
letting logged people to comment on each Copr repo page;
2. Likewise it would be nice to have a way to: a) contact the
packager(s)/maintainer(s), b) flag outdated packages, inform about any
errors found.

Having the chance for community to interact ultimately leads to
improved workflows and better quality projects; some folks will look
for guidance to create their first Copr repo, other people may want to
lend a hand and offer maintain a repo packed with the stuff they
usually use while others can just offer tips for improve things - or
ask for assistance as well!

Hope you guys take my suggestions in a positive way, I'm already happy
to have a great infrastructure like Copr already set and ready for
anyone to use, kudos!


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