Fedora 18 End of Life

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at redhat.com
Thu Jan 16 09:03:49 UTC 2014

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> On 01/16/2014 09:05 AM, Miroslav Suchy wrote:
> > I'm still unsure what it will mean for existing Fedora 18 repository. I
> > you want to discuss it, you are welcome to copr-devel@ mailing list.
> So in 3 months I had to come with some solution what to do with old
> repositories. Options which comes to my mind - thinking loudly:
> 1) Give people warning and suggest them to archive it somewhere
> (repos.f.o, their own web...). And then remove F18 repos from Copr.
> ...
> 3) Chroots have flag if they are active. And overview page shows repo
> file only for those which are active. So I can just flip this attribute.
> Which will mean users can not select this chroot for building. No one
> will be allowed to build into that chroot. And in overview I can add new
> section "Archived repo" with some big red warning, that it is just for
> archived and not maintained in any meaning of that word.

On EOL, Fedora repositories are not removed and are still available. No
new updates and packages are allowed in. Not sure how much Copr is 
constrained in terms of storage but I'd say this is the way to go for 
Copr too. As there would be people still running unsupported EOLed
version, it's theirs responsibility but allow them to access bits.

For timing, I'd say Copr should follow the same EOL rules - EOL one month
after the latest release.


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