Multiarch repositories on COPR

Miroslav Suchý msuchy at
Tue Feb 25 16:16:09 UTC 2014

On 02/22/2014 05:15 AM, Ankur Sinha wrote:
> I'm using the Gnome 3.12 COPR that the desktop team has set up for us. I
> ran into some upgrade issues because the COPR repositories aren't
> multi-arch. As in, my system's an x86_64 but I have some i686 packages
> installed. During normal Fedora upgrades, both these package archs get
> updated just fine. However, this doesn't happen with the COPR
> repository.
> Is it possible to set up multiarch repos for such scenarios?

Sure, send me a patch :)

I can put it on my very long TODO list.

In the mean time I would solve the problem by two repo file, one with $ARCH and second with hardcoded i386 in baseurl.

Miroslav Suchy, RHCE, RHCDS
Red Hat, Senior Software Engineer, #brno, #devexp, #fedora-buildsys

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