Need 'cost' < 1000 for copr repos

James Antill james at
Mon Feb 24 14:48:13 UTC 2014

On Thu, 2014-02-20 at 08:54 +0000, Richard Hughes wrote:

> Now yum and dnf have a way to prefer one repo over another, and this
> is the "cost" value in the .repo file. Can I suggest that either the
> fedora&updates repo either have a cost value set to above 1000, or
> that the copr repo has cost less than the default value of 1000? This
> should fix the issue and ensure deps are chosen from the copr rather
> than the fedora repos.

 At least in yum this is "where do I prefer to download an _identical_
rpm from" (the config. name meaning what is the cost to download from
this repo.). This is used for cases like repo. XYZ is on my local
machine/network so prefer to download packages from there instead of the
generic fedora repo.
 What you want to do is more like the priorities or protectbase plugins,
where you are dealing with _different_ rpms and one set of packages
should be preferred for depsolving etc. (not sure dnf has a way to do
this atm).

 Having two packages called X-1.2-3 which provide/require different
things isn't going to be a great idea, and relying on cost to pick the
right one is going to be fragile at best.

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