Need 'cost' < 1000 for copr repos

Richard Hughes hughsient at
Thu Feb 20 08:54:15 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I've done ~180 builds in COPR now, and the system works really well,
thanks! One little issue I've had is the last of "cost" to the
non-copr repos. For instance, targeting f20, i386&x64:

* glib-2.0
* gnome-desktop-3.10.0 (which uses glib)
* control-center-3.10.0 (and this uses a library in gnome-desktop)
* gnome-shell-3.10.0 (and this uses a library in gnome-desktop)

Then I build gnome-desktop-3.11.1 in a copr which bumps the soname,
which means any package that depend on it also have to be rebuilt. If
I then re-submit the control-center-3.10.0 srpm this succeeds and
these packages are loaded into the buildroot:

* glib-2.0 (updates)
* gnome-desktop-3.11.1 (copr)
* control-center-3.10.0 (local)

If I then re-submit the gnome-shell-3.10.0 build, the following set of
packages is chosen:

* glib-2.0 (updates)
* gnome-desktop-3.11.1 (copr)
* control-center-3.10.0 (**UPDATES**)
* gnome-shell-3.10.0 (local)

So the control-center-3.10.0 build is coming from the updates repo
(built against the old soname) rather than the identically versioned
build control-center-3.10.0 from the copr repo (built against the new

Now yum and dnf have a way to prefer one repo over another, and this
is the "cost" value in the .repo file. Can I suggest that either the
fedora&updates repo either have a cost value set to above 1000, or
that the copr repo has cost less than the default value of 1000? This
should fix the issue and ensure deps are chosen from the copr rather
than the fedora repos.



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