[PATCH] add support for kerberos authentication

Adam Samalik asamalik at redhat.com
Thu Aug 28 11:24:24 UTC 2014

Hi Pavel,

I have just applied your patches!


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Subject: [PATCH] add support for kerberos authentication

Hi all, could we consider the two following patches?  We need something
like that for our internal Copr instance and having it upstream would
simplify a lot our downstream maintenance;  it could be useful for
somebody anyway.

> 0001-frontend-do-not-strictly-resist-on-Fedora-s-OpenID.patch

Patch tries to untie Fedora's AuthN and Copr database a little to allow
different types of authentication.  Only the "user" part is stored in
db when applied (not whole http://user.id.fedoraproject.org/).

> 0002-frontend-support-for-kerberos-authentication.patch

Adds alternative (configurable) kerberos authentication.  It would be nice
if OpenID was generalized the same way, I'll possibly try to look at it
when somebody will be interested.


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