Trying to use COPR with DNF on F20

Miroslav Suchy msuchy at
Thu Aug 21 07:58:02 UTC 2014

On 08/21/2014 03:50 AM, Nick Coghlan wrote:
> I'm not sure if this should go to the DNF lists or here, as I'm not sure
> who maintains the DNF COPR plugin. Posting here since I'm already
> subscribed :)

You are on right place :) We are maintaining copr plugin.

> * First usability problem:
> - "sudo dnf copr --help" just reported unknown command, without
> suggesting installing "dnf-plugins-core"

This need to be done in dnf itself. I reported it as:

> * Second usability problem:
> - The following command sequence initially didn't work:
>    $ sudo dnf copr enable whot/libinput-userstudy
>    $ sudo dnf install libinput-userstudy
> - there was no indication that metadata for the new repo had been
> retrieved, and the second command reported "unknown package"
> - "dnf makecache" didn't help either
> - today, running "dnf repolist" triggered a metadata update, and now the
> install command works
> Is it possible there's an issue with "copr enable" not triggering a
> metadata update for the newly enable repo?

I could not reproduce it:
[root at triple/~]# dnf copr enable whot/libinput-userstudy

You are about to enable a Copr repository. Please note that this
repository is not part of the main Fedora distribution, and quality
may vary.

The Fedora Project does not exercise any power over the contents of
this repository beyond the rules outlined in the Copr FAQ at
<>, and
packages are not held to any quality or securty level.

Please do not file bug reports about these packages in Fedora
Bugzilla. In case of problems, contact the owner of this repository.

Do you want to continue? [y/N]: y
Repository successfully enabled.
[root at triple/~]# dnf install libinput-userstudy
Copr repo for libinput-userstudy owned by whot
                                           6.1 kB/s | 2.5 kB     00:00
Dependencies resolved.

 Package                             Arch                    Version
                            Repository                                Size
 libinput-userstudy                  x86_64                  1.2-1.fc20
                            whot-libinput-userstudy                   42 k
 libevdev                            x86_64
1.2-04compat.1.fc20                    updates
         31 k

Transaction Summary
Install  2 Packages

Total download size: 74 k
Installed size: 200 k
Is this ok [y/N]: y
Downloading Packages:
(1/2): libevdev-1.2-04compat.1.fc20.x86_64.rpm
                                           146 kB/s |  31 kB     00:00
(2/2): libinput-userstudy-1.2-1.fc20.x86_64.rpm
                                            53 kB/s |  42 kB     00:00
                                            10 kB/s |  74 kB     00:07
Running transaction check
Transaction check succeeded.
Running transaction test
Transaction test succeeded.
Running transaction
  Installing  : libevdev-1.2-04compat.1.fc20.x86_64
  Installing  : libinput-userstudy-1.2-1.fc20.x86_64
  Verifying   : libinput-userstudy-1.2-1.fc20.x86_64
  Verifying   : libevdev-1.2-04compat.1.fc20.x86_64

  libinput-userstudy.x86_64 1.2-1.fc20
   libevdev.x86_64 1.2-04compat.1.fc20

You should restart:
  Nothing needs to be restarted


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