Trying to use COPR with DNF on F20

Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at
Thu Aug 21 01:50:28 UTC 2014

I'm not sure if this should go to the DNF lists or here, as I'm not sure
who maintains the DNF COPR plugin. Posting here since I'm already
subscribed :)

Peter Hutterer is running a libinput user study
( and using COPR to distribute the
testing software.

I decided to try using dnf's copr plugin to install it rather than the
curl/yum commands in Peter's installation instructions, but ran into
some usability problems with it.

* First usability problem:

- "sudo dnf copr --help" just reported unknown command, without
suggesting installing "dnf-plugins-core"
- I vaguely remembered a previous mention of plugins, and found the
right package via "yum search dnf"

* Second usability problem:

- The following command sequence initially didn't work:

   $ sudo dnf copr enable whot/libinput-userstudy
   $ sudo dnf install libinput-userstudy

- there was no indication that metadata for the new repo had been
retrieved, and the second command reported "unknown package"
- "dnf makecache" didn't help either
- today, running "dnf repolist" triggered a metadata update, and now the
install command works

Is it possible there's an issue with "copr enable" not triggering a
metadata update for the newly enable repo?

Note that I'm generally using a mixture of dnf and yum commands on this
system, since I'm only using dnf for the COPR plugin.


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