fedmsg publication

Ralph Bean rbean at redhat.com
Mon Sep 23 15:52:09 UTC 2013

I have a patch[1] here to add fedmsg[2] message publication to the
copr backend.  It was written back in March of this year, but I just
recently rebased it to apply against the current git HEAD.

It will publish messages on the following topics:

- build.start
- build.end
- chroot.start
- worker.create

If fedmsg is not installed or is misconfigured, it should run fine and
just print messages that it is having trouble sending messages.

In order to get fedmsg to actually work on our systems, I'll need to
do some configuration in ansible/puppet to:

- Add an /etc/fedmsg.d/ config to the copr backend node
- Create and add copr certs for fedmsg.
- Set up our production bus to receive messages from our cloud nodes.

If you'll accept the patch to copr's source, I'd be glad to carry that


[1] - http://threebean.org/patches/copr-backend-first-pass-at-adding-fedmsg-hooks.patch
[2] - http://fedmsg.com
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