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Pierre-Yves Chibon pingou at
Wed Nov 27 19:42:03 UTC 2013


Here are some patches for the copr-cli.

- Fix the exception generated when trying to read the copr_url from a
non-existant configuration file
- I rework the layout of the copr-cli list command, the table was not scaling
with projects having large description
- Add a man page for copr-cli to provide a little more documentation on where
and how to set the configuration file and what it should contain

With the changes made, at the end I went for bumping the version number to

We might want to use the same version in the CLI as in the server. We won't be
able to import __version__ from the server as the CLI is independant from the
server, so we'll have to do this by hand.

Hope this helps,

[PATCH 1/5] Fix parsing the copr_url from the configuration file
[PATCH 2/5] Rework the layout of the list command
[PATCH 3/5] Add a man page for copr-cli
[PATCH 4/5] Refer to the man page for more information about the
[PATCH 5/5] Bump the copr-cli release to 0.2.0 with all the changes

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