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Miroslav Suchý msuchy at
Mon Nov 18 09:00:16 UTC 2013

On 11/17/2013 03:14 PM, Antonio wrote:
> I need to remove one or more builds of my Copr project.
> Is it possible ?

Unfortunatelly not possible. It is on our TODO list though.
Current workaround is to build newer package with bumped up release.
Or if it is no possible, admin (that's me) can remove it manually. Write here name of your login, project and package 
and I will remove it manually.

> Also, I don't see any option in Permissions tag. Why ?

Quoting last slide from:

 > If you navigate project of somebody else (you can use search form on top of page), and open "Permissions" tab - you 
can request permissions for that projects. "Builder" can submit new builds, while "Admin" can give permissions to other 
people. If owner or admin of this project then open "Permissions" tab, he can approve or reject this request. Be aware 
that existence of new permissions request is not notified by email. This may change in future.

I.e. you see no option on Permission tab of your project, becouse no one requested permission on your project. There 
will be something only if somebody else request permissions on your project.

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