Network setup of builders

Miroslav Suchy msuchy at
Wed Jun 26 19:25:05 UTC 2013

On 06/26/2013 04:53 PM, seth vidal wrote:
> 1. remember that the user can add random repos to their mock configs in
> addition to the urls for their own srpms. Those repos can be from
> anywhere - not just from coprs. This is on purpose - so we can support
> a wide variety of systems and packages - w/ buildreqs from all over.

Why we have such requirement? None build service (including very open 
OBS) allows this.
For example OBS allow to build to very wide scale of repositories: Arch, 
Debian, Suse, Fedora, RHEL, Mandriva, Ubuntu and many others. But they 
always have to be added by build service administrator first.

> 2. uploading a 400-1GB pkg to cloud-fe will murder it. Fetching the file
> and putting limits on the fetch are MUCH easier

Why? We will have to have work with big packages anyway. For example 
package 0ad-data have more than 1GB. I do not see difference if this 
file is downloaded by builder or uploaded to cloud-fe. OK there is 
subtle difference, we will not need to store src.rpm. But it will be 
max. 1/2 of stored data. If you build for more targets (which most user 
will) then it will be e.g 1/8 of data. So I do not see problem here.

BTW: We will need some storage with terabytes of free space for sure. Do 
we have some? Or I have to start looking around?

> 3. the whole point of evil in the builder is that we don't care - the
> builders are destroyed once they are used and they do not contain ANY
> sensitive information. Furthermore, they are timed out if they are
> hanging out for too long.

But the timeout is few hours. And how many builders we will have? OBS 
have 400. We will start will smaller number.
I (as attacker) would care less about sensitive information (there is 
only one, hard to get, require a lot of work). I would rather welcome 
the possibility to get bunch of machines for few hours for free. And 
once they timeout I can get them again in few minutes. Ideal for some 
botnet or as source of DOS attack.

> Remember coprs is not koji and koji is not coprs.  Coprs is not a koji
> replacement. Coprs is for the space that Koji does not want to and
> should not occupy - The untrusted build.
> Koji is about creating trusted builds from trusted sources and trusted
> contributors.
> Coprs is about building pkgs from untrusted sources and
> potentially untrusted contributors. This is why we don't touch the rpm
> on any system AS an rpm. We only deal with it as files.

Therefore our whole environment should be more secure than environment 
of Koji. Including builders.

> So if we were to implement your suggestions we would eliminate:
>   1. external repositories of any kind
fine with me.
>   2. pkgs above a certain size
why? I see no problem with uploading file with GB size.
>   3. pkgs requiring interesting network access to build.
Such packages exist? Can you give me example. This is given as case of 
bad packing on every packaging workshop.

> Does that help explain?
Little bit. Lets continue with discussion :)


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