refactoring backend build spawning

seth vidal skvidal at
Tue Jun 25 12:29:08 UTC 2013

On Tue, 25 Jun 2013 09:31:05 +0200
Miroslav Suchý <msuchy at> wrote:

> On 06/24/2013 05:43 PM, seth vidal wrote:
> > I talked with Slavek at summit briefly and we talked about a way to
> > handle the giturl-of-doom or turning various arbitrary blobs into
> > srpms.
> I suggest that the tool turn-git-to-srpm-o'matic should not be part
> or copr itself. It should be separate project. And there are already
> some existing. E.g. Tito, or {cpan,gem,...}2spec + rpmbuilder and
> probably others.
> Yes - copr can use them and utilize them.

I agree. The whole point of the playbook is to run other programs.

I don't know what the turn-git-to-srpm-omatic would do - Slavek said
Radek was very interested in that ability. When Slavek and I talked
about it at summit I said - I don't know what particular tool would be
used to do that conversion but if the url that we git from the user for
a package is NOT a srpm then we should just pass it off to this program
and move merrily along.


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