Code Review

Tomas Radej tradej at
Thu Jun 20 11:27:00 UTC 2013


I was thinking that it would be beneficial for the development of Copr
to use some sort of a code review tool. Since the number of people
working on Copr should rise in the future, nobody will be able to
really keep an eye and review what the others are committing. Doing the
reviews on the mailing list works now, but it isn't really convenient,
and IMHO it distracts subscribers already. Not to mention that most of
the codebase isn't being reviewed at all. We have ReviewBoard packaged
in Fedora, so I'd like to know if you'd be in favor of using that or
something else.

Cheers, TR

Tomas Radej <tradej at> a.k.a. sheldon (IRC)

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