copr cli tool

Seth Vidal skvidal at
Fri Jan 11 18:53:49 UTC 2013

On Fri, 11 Jan 2013, Seth Vidal wrote:

> I was thinking about the cli tool we want, now that we have the api in place 
> to make it possible to submit from a cli.
> to start with I was thinking of a simple tool that did a small number of 
> basic commands:
> create coprname -r distro -r distro -r distro -a arch -a arch
>            --repo=somerepo --repo=somerepo -p pkgurl1 -p pkgurl2
>            -p pkgurl3
> edit coprname (not sure what this would do yet)
> info coprname (dumps out info like the returned urls of builds, number of
>               builds, etc)
> build coprname pkgurl1 pkgurl2 pkgurl3
> delete coprname
> What do you think? Too broad? not broad enough?

Expanding on this a bit - I suspect that  info coprname would dump out a 
json blob with that info so it can be easily parsed.

I was trying to think of the workflow:

coprcli create mycopr -r epel-5 -r epel-6 -r fedora-18 -a i386 -a x86_64
coprcli build mycopr pkg1 pkg2 pkg3
coprcli info mycopr | python -m json.tool | check for something_or_another

does that make sense?


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