yum plugin for copr

Seth Vidal skvidal at fedoraproject.org
Fri Jan 11 16:42:49 UTC 2013

On Thu, 10 Jan 2013, Pierre-Yves Chibon wrote:

> Hi,
> Discussing with Seth today, he was telling me that the current idea
> would be to kind of loop through a list of packages to find the one
> requested by the user.
> While I was actually more thinking of something like
> --enablerepo=copr-<repo_name>
> Even if we do a
> --enablerepo=copr-all
> which would eventually still do the loop up through all packages in all
> repo.
> I think the copr-<repo_name> has several advantages though:
> - no extra infrastructure needed
> - faster (only one call)
> - allow multiple copr to have the same rpm (with eventually different
> option in the build or tweaks or <insert here your idea if you follow
> mine>)
> Just my 2cts on the subject :)

2 thoughts here:
  - I don't have any problem with the plugin the way you and Slavek have 
described - sounds fine.

  - what I was talking about on irc was having the backend return a list of 
pkg names and maybe provides to the front end so that all the coprs could 
be queried by something else or searched based on the pkgs they include.

So if someone wants to find a copr that has 'glibc' in it - they don't 
have to search each one to find it.


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