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Mon Apr 15 08:59:02 UTC 2013

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> So - I have been struggling to make enough time to work on coprs which
> is irritating and frustrating.

Same on my side, don't worry ;)

> So -I have an idea - why don't we set a drop-dead for expanding the
> coprs beta? Maybe 2 weeks? a month from now? At which point we open it
> up to all people in the fedora packagers group and announce it for
> open-beta?

I feel that there are still some things missing before going into beta. In beta, we should be able to cover all the legal stuff, some of which isn't done yet:
- license agreement/whatever we call it (the checkbox where you agree you won't do anything evil) - frontend only
- freezing/deleting coprs - deleting is done in frontend, but not in backend; freezing isn't done in either of them
- allowing admins to block certain users from creating coprs - frontend only

CCing spot, for the legal stuff - spot, could you please clarify that this all we need to give coprs to wider audience?

There are of course tons of other functionality, but none of it is a blocker - but this ^^ certainly needs to be sorted out before going into production.


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