Request for comment and suggestions on pyblk and Cockpit integration

Anne Mulhern amulhern at
Fri Nov 13 14:58:25 UTC 2015


I'm a member of a team on storage which is trying to make storage more accessible to consumers.

Yesterday, there was a brief dicussion in the Project Springfield meeting of pyblk,
which is a sort of lsblk-like library.

We believe that the capabilities of pyblk would enhance the smart storage administrator's
abilities a lot.

I'm looking for feedback on how Cockpit might be able to use these capabilities, and
what Cockpit would require to make these capabilities accessible to it.

If you can, could you take a look at the whitepaper here: ?

We have discussed a lot of ways the info pyblk can generate could be served up to the
user. For example, we could attach graphs (or pointers to the graphs) to journal
entries. We could be more independent and instead have a facility to look up graphs by
means of time-stamps. We can present diffs of graphs of the state of storage before
and after a certain time.

What do you think of any of this? Please let us know.


- mulhern

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