[Beaker-devel] Docs/overview for using autotest in Beaker?

Don Zickus dzickus at redhat.com
Mon Nov 4 21:51:08 UTC 2013

On Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 01:33:33PM +1000, Nick Coghlan wrote:
> Ping :)
> Even a cursory blog post somewhere (or a reply to this email!)
> explaining to people how to *experiment* with this would be helpful. At
> the moment I'm having to point people at the merged pull request to say
> "Yes, in theory, you can use the upcoming version of autotest as a
> Beaker test harness", but I have zero resources to give them on how to
> actually run it (because I don't actually know myself).

So playing with things a little more..

> 1. How do you get the experimental version of autotest to play with? Is
> there a pre-built RPM somewhere that people can use, or do they have to
> build their own?

Unfortunately, I see autotest-0.15 has not been packaged with Fedora 20
for some reason.


Why is Fedora using a version of autotest from a year ago instead of
something far more recent????

So git clone https://github.com/autotest/autotest.git

will get you the latest autotest.

python setup.py build
python setup.py install

(though I had to disable version=version.get_version in setup.py and

will install the autotest pieces

Then as long as you have in your `env`
and AUTOTEST_HARNESS=beaker setup as meta data

autotest-local bootstrap

will request BEAKER_RECIPE_ID xml from BEAKER_LAB_CONTROLLER_URL, convert
it into a control file for autotest to consume and start running tests
(and reporting them to beaker).

> 2. What do you need to set as the alternative harness in
> http://beaker-project.org/docs/alternative-harnesses/#selecting-an-alternative-harness-in-your-recipe

I need 'AUTOTEST_HARNESS=beaker' set.

> ?
> 3. What's known to work, what's still quirky? (e.g. reboot)

reboot doesn't work for some reason.  I don't think running actual
autotest-tests work.  I have only run with beaker tests through a job.
And also running locally doesn't work (even though the tests are locally
installed [unless you hack up some recipe id workarounds..]).

> 4. What's different (if anything) compared to normal usage of autotest?

Normal usage of autotest is 'autotest-local <some control file>' or
'autotest-local run <testname>' (where testname is from 'autotest-local

But that is running autotest locally/offline.  I can get it to work with
beaker tests, but I have to tweak some env variables to fake it (not
ideal).  So run now it has to run automated, which isn't ideal either.

> At the moment, it's impossible for even the core Beaker team to help
> with this (let alone anyone else that may be interested), as we don't
> even know how to get set up to run it.

Yeah, I was trying to figure out a workflow that I wanted to run autotest

Initially I wanted to run tests locally for developers and through
automation for QE folks.  I can run autotest tests for developers and
beaker tests for QE folks.  Ideally I need to mix and match in both
directions. :-/

It shouldn't be hard to do, just need to hack up some glue code to detect
and run things properly.

> I'd also like to submit a talk on Beaker to the Continuous Integration
> miniconf at LCA, and that becomes a lot more compelling when I can point
> to a post about *how* to run autotest inside Beaker, rather than just to
> the pull request that made it possible.

Yeah, my stuff needs more work.  And more thought.  Perhaps some feedback
about workflows you had in mind, might help target this a little more.

I'll keep poking at it this week.


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