[PATCH] Replace Finish with Done on the next button (#1107887)

Radek Vykydal rvykydal at redhat.com
Mon Sep 29 11:03:07 UTC 2014

On 09/26/2014 02:30 PM, Martin Kolman wrote:
> By default Firstboot displays the "Forward" label on the next-button
> if there are any modules following the current module.
> Once it reaches the last module, it currently tries to decide
> if it should show keep the "Forward" label or switch to the
> "Finish" label due to the given screen being the last.
> Unfortunately, some multi-page modules, such as Subscription Manager
> do not provide any feedback to Firstboot if the given page is the last page.
>   One Subscription Manager page even has a combo box that decides if the module quits
> or continues to the next page and there is no feedback provided about
> this.
> The lack of feedback is not an issue if such a module is not the last
> one as all the labels would just be "Forward", but if the module is the
> last one as the only one, Firstboot does not have enough information
> to decide which label to use.
> Given the lack of any other option, just set the next button label to
> "Done" for all pages on the last (or possibly only) Firstboot module.

Makes sense to me, ack.

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