[master/f21/rhel7-branch] Add support for language selection in text mode. (#1000326)

David Shea dshea at redhat.com
Fri Sep 26 18:49:04 UTC 2014

On 09/26/2014 01:27 PM, Samantha N. Bueno wrote:
> +        if key.lower() == "b":
> +            self.app.switch_screen(self, None)
> +            return True

Translate the 'b' and add a translator comment (b for back).

Other than that, my first reaction is to replace get_english_name with 
get_native_name so that if the user chooses to install in another 
language they suffer the consequences, but that really wreaks havoc with 
the terminal font. So unless someone feels like figuring that out, ack.

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