[anaconda][rhel7-branch/master][PATCH] Don't crash if escrow certificate is requested without network access (#1085265)

Chris Lumens clumens at redhat.com
Fri Sep 26 15:39:34 UTC 2014

> There's nothing wrong with the value, it's the context, so KickstartError
> is the most appropriate to raise.

It also exports several exception classes:

    KickstartError - A generic exception class.

So, KicsktartError is really intended for things that don't fit anywhere
else.  I see one use in pykickstart/commands/repo.py that really ought to
be something else, and then there's a couple in pykickstart/parser.py
that at least need to be audited.

But in general, it's meant as a top-level exception class for everything
to derive from.  It's also more meant to be caught than raised.  Think
about "except Exception" instead of "raise Exception".

- Chris

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