[f21/master v2] Avoid the possibility of size variables being unset (#1146585)

Anne Mulhern amulhern at redhat.com
Fri Sep 26 14:12:14 UTC 2014

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> > The parser in pykickstart defines these values as ints.
> > I think that means that an exception will already have
> > been thrown by parser if they can not be converted to ints.
> Yes, but this is python, so it's entirely possible for someone to come
> along between parse and execute and change the value to some other,
> stupider, type.  You can decide how likely you expect that situation to
> be.  We likely do not worry about it anywhere else, but it probably
> would be possible.
> - Chris
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In that case what we should really be checking for is the possibility that it is
a Size() (which won't raise a TypeError, but will give us wrong value).
Seems much more likely than somebody setting kickstart size value to a str.

- mulhern

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