[master][PATCH] Respect both ways how to disable bootloader installation

Vratislav Podzimek vpodzime at redhat.com
Mon Sep 15 12:54:32 UTC 2014

There are two ways how to disable bootloader installation in kickstart, by
'bootloader --disabled' and 'bootloader --location=none'. Both should result in
the same packageset installed and the same number of steps in our progress bar.

Signed-off-by: Vratislav Podzimek <vpodzime at redhat.com>
 pyanaconda/install.py | 5 +++--
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/pyanaconda/install.py b/pyanaconda/install.py
index b9d4ef9..9344ac0 100644
--- a/pyanaconda/install.py
+++ b/pyanaconda/install.py
@@ -134,7 +134,8 @@ def doInstall(storage, payload, ksdata, instClass):
        installing packages onto those filesystems.
     willRunRealmd = ksdata.realm.join_realm
-    willInstallBootloader = not flags.flags.dirInstall and not ksdata.bootloader.disabled
+    willInstallBootloader = not flags.flags.dirInstall and (not ksdata.bootloader.disabled
+                                                            and ksdata.bootloader != "none")
     # First save system time to HW clock.
     if flags.can_touch_runtime_system("save system time to HW clock"):
@@ -199,7 +200,7 @@ def doInstall(storage, payload, ksdata, instClass):
     # system is bootable and configurable, and some other packages in order
     # to finish setting up the system.
     packages = storage.packages + ksdata.realm.packages
-    if not ksdata.bootloader.disabled:
+    if willInstallBootloader:
         packages += storage.bootloader.packages
     # don't try to install packages from the install class' ignored list and the

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