[master/f21-branch][PATCH] Fix releasever splitting

Adam Williamson awilliam at redhat.com
Wed Sep 10 21:30:38 UTC 2014

This patch fixes releasever splitting, as described in the
commit message. Wanted to note that there was some question
about whether anaconda actually *should* set a $releasever
with milestone and compose versions included, in order to
be pointed to the correct frozen install tree for the particular
compose being tested, but after thinking it through I don't
think that's a good plan, and dgilmore agrees. It would
require more MirrorManager churn, and it would also break the
use of updates and updates-testing repos (and any kickstart
repos that use $releasever) for all builds other than Final

I'm really pretty sure that $releasever should always be a
bare distribution version, and it should be up to
MirrorManager to point to an appropriate tree given the
product version and the current point in the cycle for the
given release.

For the record this is not a behaviour change compared to
previous releases - it would have been a change to actively
choose to specify a more detailed $releasever.

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