[PATCH] Require minimum random data entropy when creating LUKS (#1073679)

Anne Mulhern amulhern at redhat.com
Mon Sep 8 22:18:45 UTC 2014

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> > Maybe we should come up with some "Survey Anaconda Addon" for the
> > Progress Hub where we would ask users about their opinion and experience
> > and let them check soething like "I agree with submitting my answers to
> > Anaconda developers". ;)
> That is a pretty good idea.
> In the past I've thought about having a check box on the betanag dialog
> that would have anaconda simply record your session and upload it
> somewhere, but I've always gotten stuck by the problem of where to put
> the recording before having it uploaded.
> A survey would be much simpler, though we would have to very carefully
> word things in order to get good data.  Also we couldn't change the
> questions too often if we ever wanted them to be translated.  It's
> definitely worth considering, though.
> - Chris
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I believe I read that there is a problem with remote actions
to increase entropy. If the install is being controlled from a remote
keyboard, then the wiggles of the user at that keyboard are de-randomized
by transmission to the remote location, and therefore don't increase the entropy.

If entropy is less than min entropy does TUI hang forever? It looks like it.
Should these users instead be given some way to escape? It seems like there
is nothing to guarantee or even make likely that entropy will increase up to
the minimum.

Also, is it really necessary to show the user the percent of required entropy in TUI once
enough is reached? It's hard for me to imagine that that's a point at which they care

- mulhern

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