[anaconda:master 0/3] Using a pointless overrides checker

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Thu Dec 4 13:41:41 UTC 2014

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> Subject: Re: [anaconda:master 0/3] Using a pointless overrides checker
> > The first patch is motivated by the results of the pointless overrides
> > checker.
> > The checker identifies somethings as pointless overrides which aren't
> > really
> > meant to be class attributes at all. It seemed sensible to just refactor
> > all
> > that path calculation into a staticmethod.
> > 
> > The other two patches just add the pylint checker and then remove pointless
> > overrides identified. The checker has to be used with some judgement in
> > when there is multiple inheritance, which occurs with TUIObject, so I did
> > have to check a few by hand. The restrictions of the checker are all
> > documented in the comments.
> I definitely like using pylint to catch more crud like this.  It helps
> improve the quality and clarity of the code by getting rid of things
> that, like you said, are pointless.
> I noticed a fairly busy nested loop or two in
> PointlessClassAttributeOverrideChecker,
> which makes me wonder about the speediness.  Do you have any feeling for
> if it's going to run slowly at all?  I guess in the case of just
> checking a file or two in a commit it'd be fine, but what about running
> across the entire source tree?

I'm so unsophisticated that I always pylint the whole deal.

I ran some tests on blivet with the small sample size of 3.

Results were pretty consistent, and I think they mean that usually the analysis
would add about 1/5th of a second to the typical 18 second completion time.

I suspect that something like the same ratio would hold for anaconda, maybe a bit

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