[PATCH 1/3] Add the User creation spoke including the Advanced dialog

Martin Sivak msivak at redhat.com
Wed Feb 13 16:09:33 UTC 2013


> I don't like how self._error can be None, False, or a string
> containing
> the error message.  Seems like you could just skip the False bit.

None is probably my mistake as we use False everywhere else.

> (1) Make sure you've got line wrap set on everything that could
> possibly
> need it.  Some of those translations are pretty verbose.

I will check.

> (2) What happens to the add user spoke (and the root password spoke,
> for
> that matter) if this is a kickstart install and the information is
> already provided in the kickstart file?  I've not tried this.

I haven't tried this yet.. but what should I do with crypted password?
Any ideas?

> (3) And then the reverse of that - if I fill in add user (and root
> password), will those make it into /root/anaconda-ks.cfg?  I've not
> tried this either.

This works as expected and I tested it.

> Please make sure you give every single button, entry, checkbox, combo
> box, and the like a keyboard accelerator.  For things like entries
> where
> you have a label next to it, you do this by giving the underline
> character, checking "Use Underline", and then "Mnemonic widget..."
> and
> select the entry.

Will do.

> You will also need to add all your new files to po/POTFILES.in.  I
> really wish there were a better way to handle this, but I don't know
> that there is.

Ah, I knew I forgot something..


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