[PATCH 2/3] Update all spokes on a Hub when spoke is exited

Martin Sivak msivak at redhat.com
Wed Feb 13 10:06:46 UTC 2013


> What's the need to do this?

Well our GUI lacks one very important feature.. there is no way for more spokes to depend on each other. And with addons it gets worse as we have no requires/provides mechanisms.

The example would be Root password and User creation. We should allow the installation to continue if root account is enabled OR if there is a user with wheel membership (or if IPA addon configures NIS/LDAP account system). But to do this I have to mark Root password as not mandatory when the user account is configured in User creation spoke (and the same thing applies the other way).

The "continue possible" variable was updated only with the data from currently exited spoke, but since the change affected more spokes, we have to revisit all of them.


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