Hello, I noticed that the x86 group hasn't had any reports in a while. As the absentee sponsor of the group, I would like to remind people on the list and interested in keeping x86_32 in Fedora releases that there is general work which needs to be done by people interested. 

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From: Fabio Valentini <decathorpe@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 19 May 2019 at 04:25
Subject: Stewardship SIG Report #1
To: Development discussions related to Fedora <devel@lists.fedoraproject.org>

After some weeks of initial setup and sorting through the chaos of Java packages
in rawhide, the Stewardship SIG has finally started to operate as it was
originally intended. You've probably noticed that I started the process of
trying to redistribute some of the SIG packages three weeks ago.

## Package clean-up procedure

The purpose of our SIG was to prevent massive problems caused by package mass
orphanings and retirements, as you know. However, since we don't have the
resources to keep all our packages updated and only provide basic maintenance
(primarily fixing FTBFS issues and CVEs), we're looking to incrementally
redistribute some of our packages to new, permanent maintainers.

The process we agreed upon consists of the following steps:

1. identify the set of packages that none of our other packages depend on ("SIG
   leaf packages")
2. notify maintainers of directly dependent packages that the package needs
   a permanent maintainer
3. if there is a response within two weeks, reassign the package
4. otherwise, orphan the package again after two weeks - unless the dependency
   tree of the package contains important things

These steps give maintainers of dependent packages more than 8 weeks to react
to the retirement of one of their packages' dependencies (in addition to the
6 weeks of notices before our SIG took the package temporarily!).

There are also some exceptions to this process, namely packages that are
critical for some software stacks (for example, maven, gradle, and dependencies
of the Dogtag PKI stack), which are not subject to re-orphaning.

## Current status (round 1)

Since it looks like the dust has settled around orphaned and retired packages
now, I started this procedure about 20 days ago with the first iteration of our
procedure for finding new maintainers for packages.

### New maintainer

The following packages found a new maintainer (thanks, tomh!):

- nodejs-array-union
- nodejs-arrify
- nodejs-bluebird
- nodejs-clean-css
- nodejs-grunt-known-options
- nodejs-path-exists
- nodejs-set-immediate-shim
- nodejs-sinon
- nodejs-supports-color

### No responses

There was no response from any dependent maintainers for these packages:

- apache-commons-discovery
- checkstyle (re-orphaned)
- json_simple (re-orphaned)
- nodejs-array-uniq

After checking their dependency trees I already re-orphaned checkstyle and
json_simple, as you can see.

More details and a list of dependent packages for the not yet orphaned packages
can be found here: https://www.pagure.io/stewardship-sig/issue/25

We're still evaluating the dependencies of apache-commons-discovery and
nodejs-array-uniq before we orphan them too. If you depend on either of these
packages, consider opening an adoption request ticket with the stewardship SIG.

Fabio (decathorpe), for the Stewardship SIG
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