Hi Mani,

Thanks for adding your name. I understand what you are trying to say and we are trying to address some of these issues with the list. We primarily aim to create a database of women contributors in Fedora. Once we have even a rough idea of contributors and their contribution areas - we can then work on  creating a concrete strategy(allocate resources, plan activities, advertise etc) to increase diversity.


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> Fedora Women is central to this effort for increasing diversity. However, to get an understanding of our current strengths and weaknesses - we’re going to need hard data about our community, its composition, and their priorities and interests, so that we can test hypotheses, and then create and execute a strategy. A good start in this direction seems like adding your FAS details to the list of existing women contributors in Fedora on the Fedora Women Wiki page - which has just eight women contributors listed currently !
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Women

I have added my name, though I am not that involved with Fedora these days.

There are issues with Ubuntu women too (am a leader and in the know).

I made a google+ women only GNU/Linux community. That is fairly active
with 180+ members.

It is very important to blend it activities. ... with credits/mini-conferences.

Many women don't understand how foss work can be used to boost their own career.

It is important to allocate resources and advertise it ... otherwise
nobody is going to know.


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