First thing to do would be organize the info you want to share. Will this be a talk about the rol of women at Fedora, or, how to recruit more using Fedora Women (or both).

We would be happy to help and provide any feedback you need.

2014-04-01 8:56 GMT-04:30 nitesh narayan lal <>:

I had applied for a talk about Fedora Women in FUDCon 2014 and it got selected. I will be focusing about discussing the current state of women contribution in FOSS in APAC region.
I will try to take some inputs about what else could be done to raise the involvement.
I am not sure if  I will be using any formal presentation for this, as I had planned it to be more sort of interactive session or meeting.
But any inputs for the same are more than welcomed.

Nitesh Narayan Lal

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