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On 06/06/2016 01:33 PM, A. Mani wrote:
On Mon, Jun 6, 2016 at 11:42 AM, Amita Sharma <amsharma@redhat.com> wrote:
Sure, I need more clarity on this. We will be applying for region
budget(APAC in this case) for getting the new swag production cost cover?

My suggestion is

1. You can adjust this ticket for both Indian events :
https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-apac/ticket/237 or open a new ticket

2. Get the required amount approved at next APAC ambassador meeting or
see if it can be approved immediately. How much would you need?

It would be better if you handle the production.

Hi all!

To help get the ball rolling on planning out Fedora Women Day next month, I added a full description and a few other points for the wiki page for FWD. I thought it would be helpful to have something to discuss by the next time we meet as compared to starting from square one.

You can read the updated wiki page at the following link, but I will also summarize my changes in this email for easy reading and discussion in this thread.

Thanks Justin :)

* Updated event description

Fedora Women Day is a new weekend of celebration to help raise awareness and thanks for the women contributors across the Fedora Project. Fedora Women Day marks the anniversary of the Fedora Women team. The event is headed by Fedora's Diversity Adviser (María "tatica" Leandro).

Over the course of the weekend, we'd like to help bring women contributors across Fedora together with one another. This is a great time to network with other women in Fedora, listen to stories from others in the project, and recognize each other's achievements. This event is primarily a virtual event, and there are plans to do a group audio and/or video call with other women and groups across the world. If you are a local contributor, you are encouraged to try organizing a local meet-up if you are able to (there is no money budgeted for this event presently, but this may change in future years - if you are trying to organize an event within your region, contact your regional Ambassadors for budgetary concerns).

* Marked María as the event owner for all FWD organization efforts
* Set a (tentative) deadline to confirm local meet-up participation by 2016-07-10 (maybe should be sooner?)
* Created a few ideas for an event checklist of things that need to happen before FWD
* Ideas / Brainstorming: Clarifying who is allowed to participate in this event (Is it open to women only or any contributor interested in diversity & inclusion efforts in Fedora? Will that open the door to many trolls…?)
I think we should keep it open, as there may be interested male speakers as well?
* Set a few (tentative) event planning deadlines
 * 2016-06-19: Send out invites to any speakers / women interested in sharing experiences to participate
 * 2016-06-29: First draft of event announcement passed to editors of either Fedora Magazine or Community Blog
* Clarified that if organizing a local meet-up and need a budget, create an event via your regional Ambassadors
Anything on new women stickers?

Thanks & Regards,

Any thoughts / feedback on these changes are welcome and appreciated! Thanks all.

Justin W. Flory

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